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Our Power Swage Winchlines, also referred to as skidder cables, are made from the highest quality Korean swaged wire rope. Power Swage is compacted, so it is smoother, resulting in less abrasion wear, and it has greater linear density, making it stronger than regular wire rope or cable. Each winchline has a swaged ferrule on one end. These coiled power swaged 6x26 winchlines are available in 5/8 diameter, and 75, 100 or 125’ lengths. Power Swage Wire Rope is slightly stronger than Super Swage.

 Item ID Item DescriptionAvailabilityPriceUMQuantityAdd to Cart
041K-S26PSW0625X075Power Swaged 6X26 Winchline W/ Tapered FIn Stock
041K-S26PSW0625X100Power Swage 6X26 Winchline 5/8X100' KoreanIn Stock
041K-S26PSW0625X125Power Swage 6X26 Winchline 5/8X125' KoreanUsually Ships 1-2 days