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Outdoor Tools > Axes & Mauls > Brush Axes > Ochsenkopf OX 70 Slashing Hook

Ochsenkopf OX 70 Slashing Hook is available in 2 models: 70 E which has an ash wood handle and 70 H which has a hickory handle. These slashing hooks have a forged pattern and are used for chopping and removing small growth such as shrubs, roots, twigs and small branches. Cutting edge is fine polished and has additional cutting edge on the back. Ochsenkopf OX Head has become one of the oldest surviving trademarks in the tool industry, dating back to 1781. Instead of being sharpened to a knife edge, OX-HEAD tools are honed to a cambered edge, which results in longer edge life.

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityPriceUMQuantityAdd to Cart
919-1592106Ox 70 H0901 Slashing Hook Two Hand 900MmUsually Ships 1-2 days
919-1592122Ox 70 H0905 Slashing Hook One Hand 450MmIn Stock