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Outdoor Tools > Axes & Mauls > Splitting Mauls > Ochsenkopf OX 635 Wood Splitting Hammer Big OX® ROTBAND-PLUS

Ochsenkopf OX 635 Wood Splitting Hammers Big OX® ROTBAND-PLUS have a patented handle sleeve, tapered collar, fixing plate and wood screw to bond the hammer head and the handle into one unit to ensure optimum safety. Because the high-quality hickory handle (H) is designed with a long handle sleeve made of steel, it protects the handle from damage when the hammer misses a target. This guarantees a long service life. The cutting edge has blade protection and the forged hammer head is made with a turning nose and an extra-large striking face that is ideal when using driving wedges. Made in Germany.

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919-1707663Ox 635 H-3009 Splitting Hammer Big OxIn Stock