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Outdoor Tools > Log Handling Tools > Cant hooks > Logrite® Standard Cant Hook

Logrite® Standard Cant Hooks are great for moving and positioning logs on the ground and are available in four sizes. The 36" cant hook can be used as a pivot handle when hooked in the end of a log, to flip cants on the sawmill or start logs that are ready to roll. It is also great around a mill or firewood processor. The 42" cant hook works well with 8"-32" in diameter logs and makes quick work of average sawmill size logs. The 48" cant hook works well with 8"-32" in diameter logs and is long enough to get the job done without the big arc of the longer handle and combines good leverage with ease of use. The 60” cant hook will grip 10”-36” diameter logs and offers an extra foot of leverage and a bigger hook for moving big logs easily. All the Logrite Standard Cant Hook sizes have a 1.75” diameter aluminum handle that is stronger and easier to use than traditional wood handled cant hooks. The bright blue handle is easy to see around a sawmill or woodlot. The heat treated, zinc plated hook is built to last and the textured rubber grip is easy to hold. All sizes can be used with Logrite Universal Log Stand.

 Item IDItem DescriptionAvailabilityPriceUMQuantityAdd to Cart
695-CH036LOGRITE CANT HOOK 36"Usually Ships 1-2 days
695-CH042LOGRITE CANT HOOK 42"In Stock
695-CH048LOGRITE CANT HOOK 48"In Stock
695-CH060LOGRITE CANT HOOK 60"Usually Ships 1-2 days